News from Padanaplast


We are pleased to inform you that Padanaplast is formally merged into the parent company Finproject S.p.A. (Versalis, Eni). The integration into Finproject represents a very important occasion for Padanaplast, as it marks the end of a process initiated in 2017 to develop a top tier supply of materials, which it has always pursued in keeping with its values of technical skill, reliability and utmost focus on its customers. We believe that merging Padanaplast into Finproject will optimise the business model, while offering the same production and commercial expertise. Furthermore, this transaction will strengthen the development of synergies from a technological and production perspective, resulting in the consolidation of a top quality hub in the international landscape of cross-linkable polyolefin-based materials, which Finproject and Padanaplast represent together. Ultimately, the merger will allow Padanaplast to join a company that is more robust and dynamic than ever, directed towards the continuous evolution of its industry, which will enable strengthening of its presence in the domestic and international markets, while maintaining the identity that has always differentiated it from the rest and continuing to produce excellent solutions for the wire & cable markets under the Padanaplast brand.